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Iconic women

Iconic women

Marvelous women who found her half way between femininity and  creativity. i got to learn about this icon after the fact she has passed, but her creative work was well familiar for most of us through the women and characters she designed for. 

Ada Lovelace and the numbers she loved to crunch

Teacups and Tyrants-Adele Fasick looks at people, books, and history

Almost every day of the year has been declared a commemoration of one individual or another and most of us ignore them. This week brings a day that should be celebrated more than most—Ada Lovelace Day on Oct. 15, 2013. The celebration will take an unusual form in some places. At Brown University in Rhode Island, students will honor Ada Lovelace by writing articles for Wikipedia. To understand this Wikipedia party, you may need some background.

Who was Ada Lovelace and why is she celebrated? You can still get a few arguments about whether she deserves the distinction, but she certainly had an unusual life. She was born in England in 1815 and was the legitimate daughter of Lord Byron, quite a feat in itself because the famous poet fathered all of his other children with women who were not his wife. Still, being born legitimate is not an achievement…

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