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Book: Rich Habits

thank you for the recap. the idea is so simple and disciplinary …….its a matter of reflecting of your current habits and forming recreated habits which will depend on you. Self guidance and self respect are key to becoming a better you.


Every morning I listen to the Dave Ramsey channel on iheart radio. I find it helps me focus on one of my major goals to become debt-free. Dave mentioned a book called Rich Habits by Thomas C. Corley. Right away I ordered the book. I began to wonder what type of habits successful people have.

When the book came in the mail I was surprised at how thin it was. The author shared some stories of unsuccessful people who had some small bad habits. Each character was blind to what was causing them to fail in every area of their life.  The final chapters reveled the secrets of successful habits.

“I will form good daily habits and follow these good daily habits everyday.”

At first I thought I didn’t have any bad habits, I don’t smoke, I’m trying to control the way I spend my money but when I wrote…

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