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Paris: 5 Iconic Backdrops for Photo-ops

Paris: People, Places and Bling

By Theadora Brack

Buds are bursting on the trees in Paris, making it the perfect time to update my list of iconic French backdrops for photo-ops, perfect for your social media portraits and status updates, too. There’s no sin in boasting. Besides, this outdoor repertoire is free.

Celebrating favorite photographers—Robert Capa, Man Ray, Robert Doisneau, Erwin Blumenfeld, Georges Dambier, William Klein, and Willy Maywald, (who often showcased France’s beloved national monuments in their haute couture spreads)—I’ve meshed the new with the old, fully appreciating the dynamic, overlapping, ever-changing juxtapositions.

So with Rolleiflex firmly in hand, it’s now time to snap, crackle and pop! Shall we? For the profound love of Bruno Ganz and Wim Wenders’ canted angles and slow, graceful arcs, here’s my “Wings of Desire” edition.

Flying to Paris?

If so, kick-off your jaunt at the Musée Galliera’s “Mannequin, Le Corps de la Mode

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