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The picture of your life

If all the good youv’e ever done
    Were painted on a wall,
Into a picture framed in gold,
    Would it be Large or small?
If every smile appeared in blue
     Depicted as the sky,
And clouds of black were painted on
    Each time you told a lie–
If trees of green would show each time
    You gave a helping hand,
How much would your backgroud show?
    How dense would be the stand?
And if each act of kindliness
    Would mean a shining ray
Of sunlight, on your work of art,
    Would it be light as day?
Or would your picture look like night
     With skies more black than blue,
And shadows dark, instead of trees?
      It all depends on you.
For every mam must paint his own
      And all the world will see
It hanging in the halls of bliss
      For all eternity.
                                 -Albert J. Rakers-


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