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Anyone who lives near Twin cities know that Lake Calhoun is a must visit park during summer. Its such a great place just to sit and relax, swim, kayak, jet ski, take your pets for a walk,  bbq or fish. what i love most about this park is the amount of people that come by, i love the crowd its a good place for people watching. You can sit for days an watch people go up and down and in the water.


The people in this boat were five (i think college students) and as they have sailed away between the beer they were having  and to many people on the small boat factor; they managed to tip their boat. it was very hilarious, me and my friends  took a bet how far they would sale be for they tipped andthey mannaged to get in the middle of the lake before their show down lol.

The golden retriever in this pic sure stole the show that day he was the most adorable dogs of all. he was very playful and entertaining

my sis having fun of her own

I named this pic the poster couple i think its the most gourguse pic i took by far of random people


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